Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Everyone is falling apart ??

why is everyone falling into pieces when im not im ok im better now, all i need to do is find a new job thats all ill be out soon in this world ,even if everyone one becomes my enemies ill fight to protect the ppl i care about i know i'm like an idiot sometimes but i can't take this anymore .why wont everyone listen to me stop your yapping,... i know how this world works thats enough for me no need to lecture me in front of the world oh please i grew up in places no one has ever been knowledge is power knowledge is treasure you just need to know how to control yourself when u learn the worlds knowledge. IMPROVISE on this world's system .That's how these people who were just beggars becomes someone rich in this whole world ..... I know how this world works i have studied its system no matter how many times you goverment freaks change it ill always work around it to make myself, work properly .I've learned how to catch fishes with nets thats how ill catch the worlds treasure of power wealth knowledge. I'm a beast who's hunger for knowledge money and power ill keep it so that no one else knows its secrets .....

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