Sunday, January 18, 2015

A new year with great things happening to me :)

so i got into ite and i went to an ite cosplay event. i got into mechanical course also i just went to j life around 17 jan at ite amk . life has just gone up a bit just hope it doesnt or wont go down so much :) ok so here are some of the pictures from j life event
 photo taken by @Muhd bashah khan
 selfie taken by bunbunbunnie
 photo taken by @muhd bashah khan
 saw a garo cosplayer @jlife 17jan 2015 ite amk
rekka and kouga :)
selfie my own selfie LOL

Sunday, December 21, 2014


Hello there my fans/hater/my familia,strangers and humans,,,,,..... today i sub-zero: Levi-Han was at a event called cosfest Christmas and wow i gotta tell you guys its kinda nice going back to where i started sub-zero for the first two NOSTALGIC ALSO IT KINDA SPOOK ME IDK Y BUT I TEND TO GET PANIC ATTACKS WHEN I REMEMBER ANY PAST BE IT A HAPPY PAST ,SAD PAST, BITTER PAST OR A SWEET PAST..I'll  sweat and literally my hand shakes when it happens. I nvr show it out but its getting worst..... I DID take a few photos.... so here are the photos that im gonna share but before that i want to say a few things like uh i wanna thank you ,
Kaishiro Hiroshi Kakashi , Malique Mizanin, Shafiq Dillon, thank you for letting me hang around with u guys, kai:albert wesker thanks for the KFC meal ill treat u next event hopefully my pay comes in before the event. :) Thank you to malique mizanin for joking around when we have a convo its very enjoyable and hilarious.
Thank you nura syqa for taking our photos on the second day of the event, i didnt come on first day due to my sickness. I would like to thank shahriel slim sarif for sending me home :). Thank you to hakuseki ryoshi for taking my photo and cosing also wow its tough to multi task like u , u cosplay and do photog partly man i gotta learn more from you brother. Chilessa cale thanks for coming its great to see you i wont forget you :)
 my selfie.........
 death stroke at the back of chris redfield

 hehe death stroke....

 sting coser is shahriel slim sarif awesome right  :) he is the icon sting !
 selfie with my coser friend
 sub-zero with wolverine coser is malique mizanin

The event was awesome even though it was a smaller event but the entertainment they present was terrific some of the singers has the most beautiful or nice voice ive hear in a decade or so. I would love to thank the organizers for organizing cosfest christmas..

 ok la ill end my blog post here i gotta go to work tmr...

Sunday, December 7, 2014

ANIME FESTIVAL ASIA @suntec 5dec-7dec 2014

 Ok here's my other friend who's cosing kamen rider ETERNAL.
 MY costume , I cos as sub-zero from mortal kombat 9

 4 kanekis from tokyo ghoul
 selfie with tobi coser from naruto at the back and two on the right n middle is from avatar myself and a spy on the top left corner.
 Day 3 went in to the convention n took some photos of the kamen rider figs. awesome

 garo from garo there were two of them one which isnt near the garo booth
 garo from garo toku series AWESOME SUIT SIA very nice the garo is near the garo booth

 garo anime series...
 eat after event at burger king suntec.
gerald one of the photogs. hehehehe awesome man

Lastly i would like to thank everyone from day 1-3 afa @suntec city convention...
1st i would love to thank kai tan ya li for keeping an eye on me..
2nd Nick sureshpuppy for coming and joking around with me
3rd to mokmoktarus aishiteru thanks for accompanying me and stuff.

Sunday, October 26, 2014


Hello guys my blog looks like its dead OMG but anyways ive been busy ever so recently because
I have been talking to ppl and making decisions about my own personal life it aint easy it may seem or look easy but yeah whatever i aint gonna brag about it but here is some of the photos of game fest. I can only take some photos at day 2. Day 1 i didnt take much photos. Day 1 was kinda bad as the security had us move from one place to another i was like WTH. Other than that the event is great.

It's great to see someone else cosplaying same character as me  and also the ccharacterof my fav game mortal kombat.

Me and yuuta selfie :) 

Me and Jia Sheng selife.. Gosei red and sub-zero.. Ps i forgot to take of mi glasses.

Here are some of the photos i took.

What i realise about the ppl around me is that loads of em are friendly :) sorry im not so friendly but ill talk when i can. Sometimes i talk a lil too much i think.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014


SO on 6/9/14 i went to msb convention center for the stgcc event it wasnt a bad one seriously but there wasnt many booth as expected i went to stgcc two years back and last year if i can remember correctly. I was expecting to see more bandai stuff like s.h figs and kamen rider toys but there wasnt much to see. BUT THIS TIME I DECIDED TO COSPLAY SUB-ZERO AGAIN and boy i have so many positive response but anyways here are some of the cosplayer i took a snapshot of

 I saw hawkgirl remember mk vs dc in games now you see this mk vs dc

 MY friend ryan ichigo scarlet taking photo with me credit to the person who take this photo of me and ryan thanks  

I saw tifa one of my fav character in final fantasy i wanted to take a picture with cloud but i had to rush to the toilet ouchies .

MY FRIEND JIA SHENG RYUKI . THIS is his last time cosplaying as jyuken sentai gekiranger gekired /power ranger jungle FURY red ranger.

SyncProjectx De Kuroha VII AS KUROHA

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Do you wanna mess with me ??

Hey fellaz do u wanna mess around with me come on .ive got nothiing up my sleeves ...oh yeah i have this knife under my sleeve and few more . IF u wanna threaten me go ahead im not scared of you becoz im always prepared to just terminate u when u threaten me ... I dont know im just so angry and i'm feeling angry all the time . i really dont know why . MORAL IS JUST DONT TRY AND BRING MY THORNS OUT . YOU DO NOT KNOW WHO I WAS IN THE PAST or neither u tasted mud like i did ....

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Power ? Yes /No ?

1.Power of Emotions
2.Power of Strength
3.Power of Technicality
4.Power of Intuition

I have only intuition technicality and emotions ,but i dont have strength . Reason because controlling own monster/Demon within you isnt so easy especially if when my family and myself expect so much from myself . Too much expectations, too much thinking ,too much doing, too much stuff that i ignore ,so many stuff i done yet I'm not living up to their standard .More training more studying ,crave for more knowledge,power and crave for more strength in controlling oneself jeez i sound like my teacher now arghzz and yeah i've not been going to classes again arghz . Told myself exercise some more la exercise till ur muscle ache like hell .I think im always over thinking or over exercise myself till i faint a few times ,kinda embarrassed to tell any doctor .Crave to learn more songs and crave to be just a bright red sun that just shine non-stop but technically speaking its impossible if i over do my training and trust issues .... I have to learn to trust have to ,but if i trust them even 10% ,if they betray me i cant trust them then . Why can't i just try and give them a chance . Why didnt i gave her the chance to love me ,Why did i run away from her why why ? Why did i run away from someone that i know ,that person can numb my pain can heal me ,but why did i chose to not trust her .  I am sorry max why just cant trust anyone nor would i want you to .But u cant build a home with no trust why cant u let me trust my own family even why ? Becoz even the person closest to you can betray you when u trust them max . But why levi ,isnt there any other way that i can get through this pain ? I know humans arent pure but there are indeed some thats pure , pure evil or good .Max theres no such thing as that though that person is evil he has reason to be that way ,we dont know his past or ever felt his pain the way we did .OK but can't u understand that you can never strive to be success when your always doing things alone,we cant strive to be awesome or the best just by us all together levi, I know the time has come but until that has come ,I will never ever let u take me to the abyss .I didn't blink .I believe you're more than just a being within me levi you're not evil although your past ancestors are evil i know you . You gave me joy and pain at the same time your my friend levi you've been within me since i was a child and sometimes u may give bad pointers or good pointers i just listen to you .But now i can never let u control me .I control myself . If thats true max then good that's an answer i was looking for this type of answer from you we will be watching you from within your body but if you ever ,do something,funny I'll make sure to kill us max ,so remember to control us properly pray exercise and eat your vitamins important .Tell you the truth max your dead teacher is in u and also your brother your late older brother is inside of you .When your in deep pain meditate and pray listen to him and us .OK that's that i went to some therapy and talked with the others within me deeply and understand what ,I need to do and what I musnt do to upset them . Anger :When you let it ,it can destroy you its the same like controlling your other being in you ,even though they have given you something you musnt give them anything that they need thats gonna poison you remember that.