Sunday, December 21, 2014


Hello there my fans/hater/my familia,strangers and humans,,,,,..... today i sub-zero: Levi-Han was at a event called cosfest Christmas and wow i gotta tell you guys its kinda nice going back to where i started sub-zero for the first two NOSTALGIC ALSO IT KINDA SPOOK ME IDK Y BUT I TEND TO GET PANIC ATTACKS WHEN I REMEMBER ANY PAST BE IT A HAPPY PAST ,SAD PAST, BITTER PAST OR A SWEET PAST..I'll  sweat and literally my hand shakes when it happens. I nvr show it out but its getting worst..... I DID take a few photos.... so here are the photos that im gonna share but before that i want to say a few things like uh i wanna thank you ,
Kaishiro Hiroshi Kakashi , Malique Mizanin, Shafiq Dillon, thank you for letting me hang around with u guys, kai:albert wesker thanks for the KFC meal ill treat u next event hopefully my pay comes in before the event. :) Thank you to malique mizanin for joking around when we have a convo its very enjoyable and hilarious.
Thank you nura syqa for taking our photos on the second day of the event, i didnt come on first day due to my sickness. I would like to thank shahriel slim sarif for sending me home :). Thank you to hakuseki ryoshi for taking my photo and cosing also wow its tough to multi task like u , u cosplay and do photog partly man i gotta learn more from you brother. Chilessa cale thanks for coming its great to see you i wont forget you :)
 my selfie.........
 death stroke at the back of chris redfield

 hehe death stroke....

 sting coser is shahriel slim sarif awesome right  :) he is the icon sting !
 selfie with my coser friend
 sub-zero with wolverine coser is malique mizanin

The event was awesome even though it was a smaller event but the entertainment they present was terrific some of the singers has the most beautiful or nice voice ive hear in a decade or so. I would love to thank the organizers for organizing cosfest christmas..

 ok la ill end my blog post here i gotta go to work tmr...

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