Sunday, December 7, 2014

ANIME FESTIVAL ASIA @suntec 5dec-7dec 2014

 Ok here's my other friend who's cosing kamen rider ETERNAL.
 MY costume , I cos as sub-zero from mortal kombat 9

 4 kanekis from tokyo ghoul
 selfie with tobi coser from naruto at the back and two on the right n middle is from avatar myself and a spy on the top left corner.
 Day 3 went in to the convention n took some photos of the kamen rider figs. awesome

 garo from garo there were two of them one which isnt near the garo booth
 garo from garo toku series AWESOME SUIT SIA very nice the garo is near the garo booth

 garo anime series...
 eat after event at burger king suntec.
gerald one of the photogs. hehehehe awesome man

Lastly i would like to thank everyone from day 1-3 afa @suntec city convention...
1st i would love to thank kai tan ya li for keeping an eye on me..
2nd Nick sureshpuppy for coming and joking around with me
3rd to mokmoktarus aishiteru thanks for accompanying me and stuff.

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