Sunday, October 26, 2014


Hello guys my blog looks like its dead OMG but anyways ive been busy ever so recently because
I have been talking to ppl and making decisions about my own personal life it aint easy it may seem or look easy but yeah whatever i aint gonna brag about it but here is some of the photos of game fest. I can only take some photos at day 2. Day 1 i didnt take much photos. Day 1 was kinda bad as the security had us move from one place to another i was like WTH. Other than that the event is great.

It's great to see someone else cosplaying same character as me  and also the ccharacterof my fav game mortal kombat.

Me and yuuta selfie :) 

Me and Jia Sheng selife.. Gosei red and sub-zero.. Ps i forgot to take of mi glasses.

Here are some of the photos i took.

What i realise about the ppl around me is that loads of em are friendly :) sorry im not so friendly but ill talk when i can. Sometimes i talk a lil too much i think.

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