Friday, June 28, 2013

Sorry about the last post i was too stressed i try and meet everyones expactation but i cant not all of them oh yeah read this one ... reading and learning . thats what i am right now .when is my dumb familia learn that im different in one way ... you know im always give well its time i take also right .... familia u arent my familia anymore because every year you shout the same dumb fuck question to me hehez... You know i go to every raya give me a stupid dumbfuck question what the fuck is that man come on la ask something else can please la im sick and tired of listening to whatever you familia want already .... some singaporean hehe i dont care what you ppl think of me oh please .... intuition and logic together is better that is the only way humans live and also have faith la dumbass.... ur mind has too much logic so thats why ur so fucked up ... u act like u know everything well guess what i dont also but i read books so that i know hahz

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