Tuesday, July 2, 2013

I feel like giving up sometimes and just stick to what i have

I feel so sad and angry mood swings again it isnt easy controlling it sometimes i do try and let my anger bottled up or try and forget it but im always feeling it like it inside of me a ball of fury anger.... I MEANT COME ON ASSHOLES WHAT DO U CARE ABOUT MY LIFE ASKING ME OH U HAVENT FINISH ARMY WAH SO LONG ITS my life not yours in case ur reading im saying this to the friends in my neighbourhood and my family oh please la gtfo your not the one who decides my life ma n pa dont u ever think i wont stand up for myself or others for their rights i do that because i care and i love myself even if it meants disrespecting your orders or disrespecting them in the way i stand up to my aunty uncles and cousins i dont care if they say like that to me that meants they have no respect of who i am ..IF YOU CANT ACCEPT ME THEN FINE I JUST WONT EVEN BE AROUND UR ASSES ANYMORE LA ACCEPT WHO I AM I AM LIKE THIS IM NOT SOME DOLL WHERE U CAN JUST CHANGE ITS CLOTHES IMAGE OR WHATEVER NO IM NOT I DECIDE MY OWN LIFE MY OWN WAYS  .... SOMETIMES I FEEL LIKE JUST ENDING IT BECAUSE NO ONE KNOWS WHATS GOING on in my mind its always thinking and racing i cant even sleep properly when everytime of my life i have nightmares at night but i do try and think of wonderful stuff before i sleep .. ill just end here ....

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