Saturday, July 20, 2013

The power of love is powerful

erm welp here goes something i guess lifes kinda been so hectic so busy i wanna compose my song but it aint that easy and it isnt that easy even to write stories or even just think of a character for the story or character song well yeah .. Well recently i have a lot of things to do and its fasting month wah so fast n its gonna be hari raya again well i just get bored of raya idk why but i feel that way a lot  .. recently i receive a lot of msgs from fb well thats private well if i state love in my blog i have to write something thats related here about love isnt it my love life ok la but i can say one thing its private no one knows about it i plan to keep it secret im the type of person when i look into a girl i want to be with them until i get married oh come on man thats me even though i have a lot of ex that i thought i want to bring into my life as my wife ... I can say one thing la if youre so scared and don wanna open up to ppl its pathetic i know im scared of ppl but i do give it a try ... whats more pathetic is that someone took u away i dont care really well im the type of person thats serious anyways i plan on to have a big house and everything i just pray and hope it does goes well everything did go well because i was patient with a lot of things well now i heck care what ur doing but know this i dont care about u ..... well if u do read i dont care .  well im already attached so please do not ever ask who it is because im making my love life super private ,i cant trust that much ppl i do trust some well you guys know who you are whether  i trust u that much or not it all depends on your thinking thats all ......

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