Wednesday, July 3, 2013


i cant control my self sometimes i turn into someone else right now i feel so heavy so much pressure and demands i just cant take it all not anymore no one understands how pressured i feel try and be in my shoes and youll know maybe  someone does know but they dont care anymore face it im a problematic child/brother why do they need to help me when i can wash my own ass off yeah but i just need some one like my family to be there ,,,... YOU know how it feels like right now i just feel like killing my own family its like this bad swings thats like so bad i cant control one min i feel happy like no ones business the other im so down like im down in the dumps what the fuck and i cant even sleep properly my head and body is aching like hell my asthma attacks keeps coming someone please just make this go away for me please i just cant handle all of this anymore my own self my other self also everyone ... You know how it feels like when ur so pressured and youre so desperate that youll do anything just to get out of it im trying that.../IM doing that sooner or later i wont be around anymore either that or just sleep a deep sleep i wont wake up for ayear or


  1. Chill bro, there is a will there is a way, just hold on, give it a try. Those misery is temporary, what behind the dark cloud is full of stars, clear sky and rainbow. This happens for a reason which we cannot control, well the only way is to open yr heart, accept it and face it, change it and adapt to it. I agree tat reality is cruel, but that aint gonna stop or delay our path. So bro take care.