Friday, July 5, 2013

welp here goes nothing

Yoh minna ore wa max des i am so sorry im different now i was weak everyones weak that ive got nothing to say anyway im feeling a lot different anyway my spanish cousin told me that im different in a way im just not who im supposed to be i asked him on skype what the hells that supposed to meant i dont get you oh well youre the leaders among leaders and u can lead a rebel group if u wanted to i asked him u serious do i really have that kind of strength to be a leader welll he said i took care of ppl plus i look out for each other even if my problems was worst than theirs but I help ppl so that i can forget my own problems my own shit is ok now its just that im a guy who sometimes let my fear take me plus let my own mind control me .... i dream a lot of my future self ive seen it i know it a lot of possibilities i just have to be PATIENCE ANYWAY im just dying to see my sister again in united states in maryland or dc i just hope shes in dc so i can see the white house plus the environment there haiz i have to be freaking patient then ok ..........................Anyway why do i keep saying that a lot well i cant wait for august so that i can get my cashies and stuff like that oh yeah i forgot to ask some of my friends about something gotta go sorry ill end it here people take care people i love you guys dont get scared because sometimes i feel pressured and i let it out when i let it out i feel better afterwards  ... i FORGOT TO ADD I listen to a lot of spanish songs nowadays LOL

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