Sunday, December 29, 2013

MY LIFE a big change ,a different side of me unlocks in one way or the other

I dont know where or how to start but ive been different lately ,im not myself so many things happening at ones OK so December 26 Thursday my friend Victor Wong bought me a kamen rider beast s.h figuarts stand

OK december friday 27 i got this from them the dice saber which kamen rider beast use

december 28 saturday awesome day
went to bugis + .on this day i didnt take much photo although i wore my incomplete sub-zero cos for a while cos it was hot as hell met nice friends and ppl well u'll get to know me im a nice person so dont worry i wont bite although i dont know why there are ppl who are avoiding me sharks -_-" sorry trying not to swear as in say fark or sh*t .At night i came back my mom brought pizza here are the pics i ate them with mayonnaise
December 29 sunday 2013
i met a new family a new group new ppl well i accept humans for who they are nobody's perfect right here are some pics i took
on that day

 this is my kamen rider accel collection
ok this is the new group i took all of this photo while recording video at the  same time sorry if it aint so perfect i nearly fell off my seat trying to take their photos 

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