Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Yoh its been a long time its already NEW YEAR 2014

SO OK HERE I GO IVE GOT A NEW JOB as an admin at bugis i wont tell which company though haha.. ANYWAYS  . ive so many things to write like theres so many ppl out there with big ego i love that u wanna know why ill flatten u if i dont then someone else would.BUT  itll still be awesome to just watch .... EVEN THOUGH I JUST BROKE UP . Let me tell u society just bring it ill throw things back at ya .I'll make sure its a big atom bomb muahahahaa seriously . THATS WHY MY quotes/codes are : Do'nt point a gun at me if youre ready to pull that trigger instead ill pull the trigger at you /.I'm the best there is in my little family that i have . Nobody's perfect but hey i always thrive for perfection in stuff if i cant ill keep doing it till its really PERFECT .Yes i DO INDEED CARE FOR others even strangers becoz to me people are like treasure to me and i dont like it if theres gonna be fighting . arghz tired to post pictures im in a rush sorry but im always in  a rush

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