Saturday, February 15, 2014

VALENTINES DAY isnt just for ur r/s ship shit also friendship,team and family

Its just another shitty day even when i was attached i never celebrate anniversary for my r/s seriously what is this singaporeans thinking .... See like some humans . They make their own day u can give ur girl a flower on any other day even go to watch movie or even have........ Anyway did u know theres more hatred than love plus i never celebrate as im trying to follow my religion deeply .Even my birthday i never celebrate i just work ok. Becoz u can celebrate any other day or any other week becoz this world wont end only if ur dying then ur world will end . No matter what i eat im slimming down intensely i do not know why . so many things to share so many pictures words and quotes yet so little time for me . I have been trying so hard i wont give up until i stop breathing .. I think im just having a major relapse for my adjustment disorder but i still work security ... 12am-8am ouch sia but awesome pay i dont mind still its getting my body clock up .

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